Lull-Abi Inn – Door County

The Lull-Abi Inn is a fixture in Door County, it was the first motel in Egg Harbor. It has been upgraded, remodeled and expanded over time. What was once a 6 unit motel is now a 24 unit inn with all the comforts you would expect. We inspect every room every day to ensure it meets our standards for cleanliness and comfort.

We’re proud of what we do and hope you will come and stay!

Door County is a fantastic place to live. It is naturally beautiful with stunning scenery and is filled with an eclectic mix of people who are very involved in their community. A great arts and music scene coupled with our natural beauty and maritime heritage provide a backdrop for a truly interesting and friendly group of people.

Important information about the COVID-19 pandemic: PLEASE READ: Lull-Abi Inn’s response to COVID-19.

Why do we use an OZONE machine in every room?