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“Lull-Abi….ahhh……I am usually not very fond of play-on-words business names and have been known to make relentless fun of them.
You know….the French way.

But since Lull-Abi was a nice, unexpected surprise I will stay nice and forget their onamastic mistake.
We stayed there two nights, and I don’t have any single complain. The room was on the bigger side, with a view of the lake, a small balcony, a nice shower, plenty of storage and cable TV. The bed was acceptable (we are not at The Four Seasons, or even at the Westin) and I loved the fact that they respected our privacy sign during the day (We had left our computers, cameras, chargers and all our stuff out and didn’t want it to be messed with. Get your mind out of the gutter gents).

We got a pretty good deal because of our extended stay. This is definitely the way to go.
The hotel is just a little outside Egg Harbor ‘center’, on the way to Fish Creek. Next door to Village Cafe. It’s convenient, and pretty central to the whole peninsula.

Highly recommended to savvy travelers.”

Aurore L. Chicago, IL

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