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Where is Jacksonport, and why do I care?

Jacksonport is located on the lake (east) side of the Peninsula, the part we refer to as “The quiet side” of Door County. Jacksonport certainly fits that description, but once you get to know it it’s a great little town!

Getting there is part of the fun. Slow down and take a nice leisurely drive along Co Rd T, then take a left turn at Bleys bar on Co Rd V and you will end up right in Jacksonport. It’s a nice drive past many family owned dairy farms. Roll the windows down and smell the farm air, and when you get to Jacksonport you will indeed know you have left the hustle and bustle behind.

But wait a minute! There’s probably a festival going on if it’s a weekend. Due to the many civic organizations in town there is a festival almost every weekend in season, and these are country festivals. The highlight is the Thresheree, technically located outside of Valmy, but a great weekend. A friend of mine won a restored antique tractor for her $10 ticket at the Thresheree!

Jacksonport is the gateway to the Whitefish Dunes State Park, as well as the Cave Point County Park. There is a cute craft cottage run by Sue and Joe Jarosch, and some good eating at Mike’s Port Pub, JJ’s Mexican Restaurant, Mr G’s Supper Club, and the Square Rigger.


So if you are ready for a quieter adventure, head to Jacksonport!


And don’t forget the crazies in the Jacksonport Polar Bear Club, every year on Jan 1 it’s a cold swim!

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