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When was the last time you went to a real drive-in movie?



Skyway drive-in Theater

As a kid growing up I always loved the drive-in.  My father had a penchant for Buick convertibles, big ones.  I remember this baby blue 1961 Electra 225 that he bought.  The family would go to the drive-in, and when we got there he would unzip the back window so my brother and I could sit on the back seat and look over the top to watch the movie.

I’ve always enjoyed drive-ins, and we have a real live drive-in here in Door County.  Located on the north end of Fish Creek, it’s open from May through October, and in classic drive-in style it has a double feature all the time.  And these are first run movies, too.  So, here’s a quick video for you from my buddy Jon:

Skyway Drive-In

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