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What in the world is the Peg Egan Center?

Allow me to answer that for you!
Back when I was Village President we received a donation of 5 acres of land from the Eames Farm Homeowners Assoc right on Church St. They wanted an orchard, I wanted a music venue. We agreed to do both, and shortly thereafter a real nice gentleman whom I had never met came into my office and said ” I want to pay for the music venue, but it has to be done right, and I’d like you to name it after my mother, Peg Egan.” And so we did. And I thank you, Kevin Egan, for giving us the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center.

Situated on a hill overlooking the village, the Egan Center is Door County’s premier outdoor concert venue. There are no seats, you bring your own lawn chairs and blankets, wine and food, and sit back to enjoy great concerts like Richie Havens, Siegal-Schwall Band, Howard Levy, and many others (and sometimes Dorothy Scott sings a few, too!). About 1500 people can fit in the space, dancing is encouraged, and it’s a great mix of locals and visitors. And, if you stay at the Lull-Abi you can walk to it!

A really good friend of mine, Terry Lundahl, does the programming. The concerts are underwritten by the Village of Egg Harbor and they are free. There are 8-10 shows a year, usually on Sunday night. Imagine sitting on the hill, sunset over the bay, great bottle of wine and some appetizers, listening to Terry’s music choice (with my input!!) of the evening. It’s truly wonderful!

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If you are going to be in Door County for a Sunday night during the season this is a must-do. Really, trust me on this!

Really, I’m not kidding, you gotta do this!

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