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The Village Cafe in Egg Harbor…THE spot for breakfast!

When you come back from your Door County vacation, your friends will most likely ask you two questions-Did you have a fish boil, and did you eat breakfast at that little cafe in Egg Harbor?

That little cafe in Egg Harbor is the Village Cafe, and it is located right next door to the Lull-Abi Inn. I don’t mean right next door as in Best Buy/Home Depot/Target, I mean right next door as in you can smell the homemade granola baking!

This place is great, I just finished breakfast there and my tummy is seriously happy! The menu is varied, with the usual eggs bacon and toast stuff all the way to cherry stuffed french toast. And, remember when cafes made fluffy omelettes in a pan, not flat eggs on a grille? Well, that’s the way they do it here, and they are delicious. There is a pancake special everyday, a quiche special, and a coffee cake special. As a note, the coffee cake is enough to feed a small army.

They also serve lunch, with great burgers and sandwiches in addition to the breakfast menu, and during the season they are also open for dinner. They have beer and wine available, too.

The Village cafe also has stuff…art, ceramics, knick knacks, all displayed throughout and all for sale, so if you are a shopper person you need to check it out.

So be sure to stop at the Village Cafe when you are staying at the Lull-Abi Inn, you will love it!

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