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The Coyote Roadhouse, right on the lake!

No, not THE Lake, the other lake…Kangaroo Lake in Baileys Harbor! Nestled along the shore of this beautiful inland lake is the Coyote Roadhouse. I first started going here years ago when it was one of the very few places open in the winter, now it is a regular stop on my schedule.

The Coyote has great food and a great atmosphere. It’s a very friendly locals place, the big feature when you walk in is the bar, packed with the fine Baileys Harbor and Egg Harbor citizenry. Local politics is not off-limits here, and this is where you go to get a plumber, a garage built, or some excavating work done.

This is also the place to get really good food. It’s a simple menu, but with a couple of twists. There are burgers, and chicken sandwiches, some salads, chili, and soup. But there is also exceptional ribs, pork chops, and steak. There is also Jambalaya, probably the second best in the county (mine is the best!). And it is a pile of Jambalaya, big shrimp, corn muffin…mmmmm!

And there are specials, walleye on Wednesday, grouper on Friday. In the winter there are seasonal specials, my favorite is the turkey pot pie on Tuesday.

Oh, and lest I forget, the onion loaf. Order this, trust me!

There are maybe 10 tables in addition to the bar, so there can be a wait sometimes. But in the summer you can also sit outside on the patio overlooking the lake.

So, when you are in Door County, do yourself a favor and go inland to the Coyote Roadhouse. Leave Egg Harbor and go straight out Co Rd E to Kangaroo Lake…well worth the drive!

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  1. It has been my experience that the locals are very friendly with us touristas, as well! Love this place…and the food is good. And the booths are more comfortablel these days!!

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