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Some different choices for breakfast

I like breakfast, my favorite meal of the day..  My dad and grandpa were that way, too.  A nice leisurely breakfast, newspaper, cups of coffee, a friendly waitress to talk to.  There are a lot of great breakfasts in Door County, like the Village Cafe right next door.  But this post is about my favorite out of the way joints, and yes, that is a compliment to them!  Feel free to try one or two on your next trip!

Remember, this is not an all inclusive list, just some places you might not find without a little help!

Countryside Diner in Brussels- The hash brown sandwich is a reputation builder for this country diner on old Hwy 42 in Brussels.  Think of a square pile of hash browns with onions, peppers bacon, ham, and eggs.  But the trick is that all those goodies are cooked inside the hash browns, with the hash browns being the “bun”.  I have never been able to finish half of it!

Morning Glory Hwy 57 Sturgeon Bay.  This is a place you would drive by.  It sits off the side of the highway across from the BP station on the south end of Sturgeon Bay.  Nothing fancy here!  But, this is a great, cheap breakfast, and it’s all locals.  Good food, lots of it.

Corner Cafe Third Ave Sturgeon Bay-  Sally, the owner, had a restaurant by the shipyard called My Sister’s Cafe.  She closed it and moved to the former Pudgy Seagull right downtown on Third Av.  Same menu, same great prices.  The shipbuilders breakfast is great, and think about biscuits and gravy as two sausage, biscuit, and cheese sandwiches with the eggs and gravy over the sandwiches!  Yikes!  Have not had it myself, but my buddy told me about it yesterday and he is the b&g king!

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Mel’s Diner, Third Ave Sturgeon Bay- I have only eaten here once, and was pleased that one of my favorite breakfast waitresses, Sarah, had moved here.  Cute little cafe, a little more upscale than some of the other places on my list, but wonderful food and a “must return” this winter after the season.

Mike’s Port Pub, Jacksonport- This year The Sandpiper in Baileys Harbor was sold and closed as a restaurant.  The two ladies who did breakfast there have moved to my buddy’s bar in Jacksonport.  Open at 7:00, food is plentiful and fast!  Friendly joint, locals all around, and a liquor license if you wanna toss in a screwdriver.  This is a great addition to our breakfast choices.

Square Rigger, Jacksonport- Ironically, Sarah, my waitress from Mel’s has moved here for the season.  Nice water view, good food, and another one with a liquor license.

Harbor Fish Market, Baileys Harbor- This is a higher end seafood restaurant, but in the morning they serve breakfast.  The claim to fame is the Bar Buster Breakfast, which consists of eggs, sausage, bacon, spuds, and toast for $5.  It is not just one of these and one of those, but a full plate of food. It’s only served at the bar.

Cornerstone Tap, Baileys Harbor- Another comfortable, friendly breakfast place, I have breakfast here every Saturday with my friends.  Good food, friendly staff, full of Baileys Harbor/Egg Harbor b.s., which can run pretty deep!  This is where you go to ask the snowplow driver to take down the big pile preventing you from getting your snowmobile in your front yard.

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Pen Pub, corner A&E, baileys Harbor- I’ll toss this one in ’cause friends of mine own the place.  They are starting breakfast in mid May, I’m guessing it’s gonna be good.  Kyle will be making stuffed pancakes and I’m looking forward to it.

Rusty Tractor, Carlsville- Right on the Carlsville curve is a converted barn that has the absolute largest breakfast servings I’ve ever seen!  Skillets, cakes, french toast, and more.  Come very hungry and leave very full.  Good food, lots of it.  About 4 miles south of the Lull-Abi Inn.

Summertime, Fish Creek-  Also a higher end restaurant, Summertime puts out probably the best biscuits and gravy I’ve had.  They also have an early bird special which is about $4.  They have some different items than just regular fare.  If you eat in the bar area there is a nice view of Fish Creek and the marina, it’s pretty laid back and low key.

Pelletiers, Fish Creek- Well known for their fish boils at night, during the day they make good solid breakfasts, especially the pancakes.  I know everybody has their own special pancakes, but these are the ones I like.  Also an early bird special around $5 or so.

The Viking Grille, Ellison Bay- Walking into the Viking Grill on a cold winter day when Dan is just putting out a tray of home made donuts (still warm) is about as good as it gets, especially since it’s a pretty good drive up there, about a half hour in off season.  But once there you sit at the counter, coffee in hand, and open up your Chicago Trib and just relax.  They make excellent potato pancakes, and all the rest of the “breakfast stuff”.  Worth the drive.

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So, I hope this helps you find some great low key breakfast joints in Door County.  Just be sure not to sit in my spot, ’cause I’ll make you move!

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