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Maxwell’s House-Egg Harbor

Maxwell's Egg HarborI don’t like to shop. Maybe I should say “I like guy shopping” and can spend plenty of time in a Fleet Farm or Best Buy, but this whole “cutesey shoppy” thing just ain’t for me. But then, there’s Maxwell’s House.

A friend of mine, Karen, and her husband, Sean, own the shop, most days you will find Karen working there all day.

The shop is great! Full of colors and smells and textures, it’s just fun to explore. They are a home décor type of shop, with rugs, accents, lighting, signs, magnets, books and “stuff”. It kinda reminds me of some of the shops on South Street in Philadelphia, or some of the shops in the Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis back in the 70’s.

Anyway, it’s a fun stop, Karen is great, and you might find something you absolutely need…even if you’re a guy!

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