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Malibu Moos, a hidden gem!

Welcome to Malibu Moo's Frozen Griddle! Gourmet Frozen Custard, Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice servicing Door County, Fish Creek!

I always go to Fish Creek on Monday night.  Been doing it for years.  During the summer season it’s nice to enjoy seasonal places, and that’s also the night I treat myself to frozen custard.  Often, that’s at Malibu Moos!  Located at the end of the alley behind the Bayside (where I start my Mondays (!), moos has a great selection of custards and mix-ins.  Having spent a bit of my career in the ice cream business, I know a good product when I taste the vanilla, and trust me, this stuff is good.

I also enjoy mix-in, cold stone shops where you can pick this and that and watch some young college girl mix up your custard, but then, I digress.  Moos is in a great location right next to the Fish Creek marina and park, so you can watch the activity down there as the day ends and the cool breezes blow in from the bay.

Here’s the website Malibu Moos.  I took some pictures Monday but they weren’t very good so I’m not going to post them, but stop in yourself and check it out!

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