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Main Street Market

My pre-Lull-Abi Inn career was in the consumer products industry, so, having been in thousands of grocery stores in my life I know a good store when I see one, and this is a great store! Egg Harbor would be a much less pleasant place to live if the Main Street Market wasn’t there.

The store is stocked with everything you need, and lots of products you will want to try. It has a great selection of specialty foods throughout the store which make it easy for the cook in the family (me!) to try new things. There is a full service meat case, great fresh produce, and a bakery. Oh, and the deli actually makes many of its own items rather than just dumping them out of a container that came in on a truck! Wow, a deli that actually cooks!

The wine selection is magnificent and the beer selection is also top notch. There is a liquor section, and a good selection of Health and Beauty items.

Be sure to stop in and check out the Main Street Market to pick up a treat for sitting on your deck at the Lull-Abi watching the sunset. A little wine, some cheese and crackers, maybe some hummus and a fresh baguette? Who knows, but if you like a great full service market this is the one.

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