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Koepsel’s Farm Market

Koepsel's   koepsel's  koepsel's

So, things have quieted down a bit here at the Lull-Abi Inn, so I have some time to get back to blogging about some interesting places in Door County.  While I am typing this I am also munching on a jar of pickled asparagus from Koepsel’s Farm Market.  Wow!  What a find!  I’ve never been to Koepsel’s because, like me, they are seasonal.  But today I had an errand up there (Hwy 57 north end of Bailey’s Harbor…way north end) and I stopped in to visit my friend Corrina, who is part of the family that owns this market.

I was stunned at the variety!  This is no minor undertaking here!  A great beer selection, bakery, cheese counter, preserves, salsas, and on and on.  I left with a jar of pickled asparagus, clover honey, cherry honey mustard dip (thinkin’ that might be good for pork chops) and a bag of pretzels.

Be sure to visit Koepsel’s on your next trip!   And…you can shop online! http://www.koepsels.com/index.html

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