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Bruce Hill - Innkeeper.Bruce Hill

Mine is the classic story of a person leaving his corporate career after 25 years to start a new life that would be more fulfilling and less stressful. Since I was raised in the Midwest, there was no better place for this new adventure than Wisconsin, so, in January of 2003 I purchased the Lull-Abi Motel in Egg Harbor, and became a year round resident of Door County.

Door County is a fantastic place to live. It is naturally beautiful with stunning scenery and is filled with an eclectic mix of people who are very involved in their community. A great arts and music scene coupled with our natural beauty and maritime heritage provide a backdrop for a truly interesting and friendly group of people.

The Lull-Abi Inn is a fixture in Door County, it was the first motel in Egg Harbor. It has been constantly upgraded and remodeled, and what was once a 6 unit motel is now a 24 unit modern inn with all the comforts you would expect. And, since it is still family owned and operated we have an attention to detail that can only come from a family business. We inspect every room every day to ensure it meets our standards for cleanliness and comfort. Since I spent over 20 years traveling for business I know what I want in a place to stay, and that’s what you will find at our inn. I’m proud of what we do and ¬†hope you will come and stay!

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