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An Innkeepers Guide to Door County.Bruce - owner - lull-abi inn egg harbor wi

When we first bought the Lull-Abi, I was overwhelmed by the “Where do we…?” questions, and since I didn’t know a lot about Door County my advice fell terribly short of it’s mark.  So, over the years I have prided myself on being able to answer your questions as good as any innkeeper in the county.  And if I can’t get the answer I will find it somewhere!  That’s the difference between an innkeeper and a person at the front desk with a blank stare on their face.
But the real benefit is to have actually been there to experience the place so I can tell you what it’s like, not just where it is.  So, my buddy who helped me with this website encouraged me (demanded!) that I write a Bruce’s guide section.
The guide is not complete, and it will never be finished.  I’ll just keep adding to it.  Feel free to use it and share it, even provide your suggestions to add to it.
Here it is, Bruce’s guide to Door County….

Bruce Hill

PS - if you have a comment or suggestion, drop it into the box below and I may even publish it on the website!

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