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Galileo’s Italian Food



About 6 years ago, when I was Village President, Richard and Pam Wegner bought a kinda rundown building in Egg Harbor and remodeled it into Liberty Square.  It opened as a combination of shops and a great cafe called The Bistro.  Over the years they have continued to remodel and improve the location, and it’s now a great destination of merchandise, a deli/wine/cheese shop, and The Bistro serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But there was always one part of the building that was hard to make something out of.  So, last year Pam and Dick opened up this wonderful “Italian Steakhouse” named Galileo’s.  “What’s an Italian steakhouse?”, you ask.  Well, it’s kinda Like Harry Caray’s in Chicago.  Great pastas, great steaks and chops, and a wonderful selection of wines by the glass and bottle.  They also have a full bar.

Galileo’s was quite an undertaking.  First, the existing kitchen had to be remodeled and expanded, which meant moving walls.  The bar had to be built, and the decorations, which are very elaborate and detailed.  Oh yeah, and they had to figure out the menu, too!

Let me tell you that the whole thing came together very well.  The final detail was that they hired a buddy of mine, Dale Kiehnau, to manage the bar.  For those of you familiar with Door County, Dale is the previous owner of the Pen Pub.

So, now we have this great Italian restaurant, fun bartender, wonderful atmosphere, and it’s located right downtown.  They open May 18, and tomorrow is the private menu and wine tasting, which, of course, I will be attending.  Here’s the website and menu, perhaps I will see you there!

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  1. Had dinner there a couple times last season, great addition to the Egg!

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