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Egg Harbor Public Beach…A Hidden Gem on Co Rd G

When we first moved to the Village in 2003, there was a municipal beach. I was nice, kinda small and underused. About 4 years ago, the property next to it came up for sale, and the Village Board, while deflecting a lot of criticism because of the price, bought it.

What has emerged is what many feel is the best municipal beach in Northern Door County. The new property has doubled the size of the beach, and has greatly increased the space for people to just relax and have a picnic. But the best feature is the actual reconstruction of the beach itself.

Door County has very shallow topsoil, and limestone underneath it. This can cause a runoff issue (and all the geese don’t help!). To solve this, the village received state grants to rebuild the beach and parking lot such that runoff is stopped before it gets to the water. Also, vegetation was planted that keeps geese away, so the end result is a beautiful beach with clean water 1/8 of a mile from the marina. The Public Works department built colorful Adirondacks chairs, and it looks like a postcard form Martha’s Vineyard.

There is now a walking trail from the marina to the beach, and this year we are adding on to the bathrooms. You can rent a kayak at the beach, and there is a concession stand and a pavilion. ¬†Add in the new Egg Harbor Marina and it’s quite a waterfront.

So, on your next stay at the Lull-Abi Inn, stop and see the new Egg Harbor Public Beach!

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  1. Very cool airtcle. This is a great, affordable mini-holiday option for Chicagoans. I got multiple times a year to SW Michigan.

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