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Door County Beer Festivals Announced!

Looks like Door County will be having two beer festivals this year!  If you’re a beer drinker (and I am!)  that’s great news.  The first festival, The Door County Beer Festival will be held in Baileys Harbor June 16, 2012.  This will be the county’s first beer festival.

Door County Beer Festival

“The Door County Beer Festival is about good beer, good food, good music and good fun! It’s an event for beer lovers and foodies – and it’s a showcase for those who appreciate the craft of making great beer. We’ll be bringing you a half dozen seminars on beer, cheese, local food, and putting them all together. Plus, there will be great live music and the best in locally-sourced food available from local producers and restaurants.”

The website is right here, you can also purchase tickets at this site.  Looks like fun!

The second beer festival is the Egg Harbor Ale Fest, planned for Sept 22, 2012 right here in Egg Harbor.  Details will be coming soon!  Look for great Octoberfest beers from Wisconsin’s premier craft breweries.

There ya go, beer drinkers and foodies…two great new festivals this year!

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