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Bayside Tavern – Fish Creek WI

Bayside bar / tavern door county wiOK, let me make this perfectly clear…this is a bar. There are some tables, they have good food, but it is a bar. It is also a fun bar, and is generally recognized as the social center of the Egg Harbor/Fish Creek area. It is also the most popular bar during the season, and can get very crowded in the busy months.

This is also my favorite bar, you can generally find me there on Monday night. The food is quite good, they have your typical burgers, pizzas, appetizers kind of menu. The fish fry on Friday is real good and worth going to. A mainstay is Smilin’ Bob’s chili, which is a secret recipe invented years ago by one of the owners. This is Cincinnati style chili on steroids, Skyline Chili got nothin’ on this!

This is a place where locals and visitors mix, so it can give you that real “I’ve been to Door County” feeling. Walk in, sit down, say “Hi!” To the bartender and strike up a conversation. If you see a tired innkeeper there it is probably me, and I’ll have a Guinness since you’re buying!

If you are there in the off season even better, because we will probably give you the opportunity to lose some money in cribbage or bar dice just to help us poor locals through the winter.

Enjoy the Bayside!

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